Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Glacial Textiles - A Norwegian Tunic

Glacial melting is a troubling problem for us all, but a small silver lining in this very dark cloud is the discovery of new archaeological artifacts. You may remember that I've written about glacial discoveries before on this blog. Another such find comes from southern Norway, where archaeologists recently carbon dated an ancient tunic discovered near a melting glacier to around 300 A.D. It's the latest in a series of glacial artifacts that include a mitten dating to 800 A.D. and various other objects. You can read more here. It will be interesting to see what else emerges while we begin to confront the other problems of global warming.

The Norwegian glacier tunic. Reuters/Alister Doyle from here.

As is often the case, Nicole deserves credit for bringing this story to my attention. Besides being a great partner, she also serves as my reliable digest of material culture news.

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