Sunday, October 21, 2012

British Army Buttons from the "Storm Wreck"

I've been following the excavation of the "Storm Wreck" off St. Augustine, Florida, for a while now. This late eighteenth-century wreck's identity remains unconfirmed, but some recent discoveries suggest it may be part of a fleet that evacuated the last British forces from Charleston at the end of 1782. Two particular artifacts point to this conclusion. Each is a British Army button of the Revolutionary War period, one from the Loyalist "Royal Provincials" and another from the 74th Foot. You can read more about the wreck excavation and artifacts on the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum's Keeper's Blog.

Royal Provincials button. The Keeper's Blog.

74th Foot button. The Keeper's Blog.

Speaking of Revolutionary War buttons, Don Troiani and Jim Kochan's new book, Insignia of Independence, has just been released and promises to be the most complete account of buttons, plates, and gorgets of the war yet published. You can find more information about the book here. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy at the moment.

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